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Torch Lake MLS Listings

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About The Torch Lake Area Multi Listing Service (MLS):

The multiple listing service (the MLS) are real estate services I use to establish contractual offers in the Torch Lake area, it enables cooperation with other broker and property listing participants for information to enable appraisals, and is a facility for me to find listing information to better serve my clients looking for property on Torch Lake. I search the multiple listing service's database to find waterfront homes and land for sale by Torch Lake real estate brokers in Northern Michigan and share information about properties with others who represent the Torch Lake area. The information stored in a multiple listing service's (MLS) database is the proprietary information of the broker who has obtained a listing agreement with a property's seller and I have a successful record of going over every detail for my clients for decades.
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The Torch Lake MLS area is widely recognized as one of the most scenic all-seasons areas in Michigan. The lake is noted for its exceptional beauty; its waters are unusually clear and exhibit a bright turquoise hue. This quality has made the lake a popular spot for the development of resorts and second homes.

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to the most current & comprehensive Torch Lake MLS Real Estate Web Site, that also covers the 5 county North-Western Lower Peninsula MLS Region available anywhere. This site page specializes in Torch Lake. By clicking on the arrows above you will be able to view all currently available properties on the Torch Lake MLS. The Torch Lake MLS Real Estate profile information will always be the most current for all available Torch Lake Waterfront properties. The Torch Lake MLS Listings also will include multiple pictures & the most recent price changes with an interactive map for all Torch Lake Waterfront properties.

You can at anytime view Waterfront profile information for all the Torch Lake Lakefront & Riverfront MLS listings available and in the entire in the 5 county Traverse City Region by clicking on one of the property links at the left under my picture. Here you will see all available information for all the MLS listings currently available for each Lake, River or community. (Traverse Bay Real Estate, Crystal Lake Real Estate, Platte Lake Real Estate, Glen Lake Real Estate, Lake Michigan Real Estate, Green Lake Real Estate, Duck Lake Real Estate, Long Lake Real Estate, Lake Leelanau Real Estate, Elk Lake Real Estate, Torch Lake Real Estate, Lake Ann Real Estate, Pearl Lake Real Estate, Bass Lake Real Estate, Bear Lake Real Estate, Herring Lake Real Estate, Portage Lake Real Estate, Arcadia Lake Real Estate, Skegemog Lake Real Estate, Spider Lake Real Estate, Silver Lake Real Estate, Sanford Lake Real Estate,Turtle Lake Real Estate, Arbutus Lake Real Estate, Smaller Lakes Real Estate, Betsie River Real Estate, Boardman River Real Estate, Platte River Real Estate) There also are 4 by county acreage vacant land sites (Benzie County Real Estate, Grand Traverse County Real Estate, Leelanau County Real Estate, Manistee County Real Estate) to help find that perfect retreat, investment or recreational Torch Lake parcel.

You can also call or email me, Associate Broker Bryan Beckwith, anytime to ask questions regarding any Torch Lake MLS listing or to set up a tour to see properties that you are interested in. Buying Torch Lake Waterfront Real Estate or property is made easy by using this site. Making any novice a quick study of the 5 county Waterfront MLS listing Real Estate Market. This site can also be used as an important tool for sellers as they can quickly compare all the current Torch Lake Waterfront MLS listings. Please call Bryan anytime to discuss marketing for your property 231 631 2913.

Bryan Beckwith is an Expert Guide when it comes to buying Torch Lake Waterfront MLS listings. Bryan Beckwith has many years of Torch Lake Waterfront Real Estate experience which enabled him to close on many Torch Lake Waterfront Real Estate properties for both buyers & sellers & is ready to do the same for you.

Bryan will help you understand the difference between shared access & private frontage. He will explain traditional septic systems versus engineered systems versus holding tanks. He will discuss the value considerations between "waterside of the road" versus "across the road" when it comes to Torch Lake MLS listings. He will explain the big differences between "manufactured" & "modular". He will happily guide you through the Land Division Act guidelines & important steps to consider in turning a property into a condominium development. Today will always be the best time to move forward on Torch Lake MLS listings, so give Bryan Beckwith a call today at 231 631 2913.

This site specializes in Torch Lake MLS listings, up north lakefront and waterfront MLS listings, northern Michigan cottages and cabins, vacant land and acreage, riverfront MLS listings and upper Michigan waterfront property. You will also see property in other counties.

Browse my featured listings to explore Torch Lake MLS listings and other northern Michigan waterfront property.

If Torch Lake MLS listings hold a specific interest, then we can assist you with your property needs. Torch Lake has beautiful waterfront homes along with all the amenities of downstate living. Torch Lake real estate is among the strongest MLS listings markets in Northern Michigan.

Vacant acreage of Torch Lake MLS listings are also good if you're considering a little solitude. The Torch Lake MLS has seen significant gains in values over the last decade, but prices are still more reasonable that you'd might expect.

What type of Torch Lake MLS listings would you like to find? Hunting property, vacant land, low-end fixer-upper homes or high-end lakefront homes? Affordable waterfront cabins or cottages are always a popular Torch Lake real estate investment. Northern Michigan MLS listings offer a variety of properties in a wide price range. Contact me and I will provide you the best possible service.

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The geographical theme of Torch Lake and its MLS listings are shaped by rolling hills, close to Great Lakes shorelines including coastal dunes on the west coast, large inland lakes, numerous rivers and large forests. A tension zone is identified running from Muskegon to Saginaw Bay marked by a change in soil type and common tree species. North of the line the historic pre-settlement forests were beech and sugar maple, mixed with hemlock, white pine, and yellow birch which only grew on moist soils father south. Southern Michigan forests were primarily deciduous with oaks, red maple, shagbark hickory, basswood and cottonwood which are uncommon further north. Northern Michigan MLS listings have soils that tend to be coarser, and the growing season is shorter with a cooler climate. Lake effect weather brings significant snowfalls to snow belt areas of Northern Michigan.

There were more than 150 past and present light houses around Michigan's Great Lakes coasts, including several in Northern Michigan. They serve as functioning warnings to mariners, but are also integral to the region's culture and history. See a list of Michigan light houses for more information on individual lighthouses.

Near the Torch Lake MLS listings, Cherry Capital Airport is a United States Coast Guard air station (CGAS), which is responsible for both maritime and land-based search and rescue operations in the northern Great Lakes region.

The state forests in the U.S. state of Michigan are managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Forest, Mineral and Fire Management unit. It is the largest state forest system in the nation at 3,900,000 acres (16,000 km).

In addition, portions of Torch Lake MLS listings are covered by the Manistee National Forest and the Huron National Forest. In the former, a unique environment is present at the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness. This relatively small area of 3,450 acres (14.0 km), on Lake Michigan's east shore, is one of few wilderness areas in the U.S. with an extensive lake shore dunes ecosystem. The dunes are 3500 to 4000 years old, and rise to nearly 140 feet (43 m) higher than the lake. The Nordhouse Dunes are interspersed with woody vegetation such as jack pine, juniper and hemlock. Many small water holes and marshes dot the landscape, and dune grass covers some of the dunes. The wide and sandy beach is ideal for walks and sunset viewing.

The Torch Lake MLS listings area fall activities include harvest festivals, and driving around in the woods to watch the colorful fall leaves. Hunting in Northern Michigan is a popular fall pastime. There are seasons for bow hunting and a muzzle-loader season as well as for using modern rifle season. The opening day of deer season (November 15) is a major day for some residents. Some schools close November 15, due to low attendance, due to opening day of deer season.

Properties in the Torch Lake MLS listings area have the four seasons in their extremes, with sometimes unbearably hot and humid summer days (although, mild in comparison to some parts of the south) to subzero days in winter. With the expansive hardwood forest in Northern Michigan, "fall color" tours are found throughout the area in early to mid-autumn. When the spring rains come, many roads and bridges become impassable due to flooding or muddy to the point a four-wheel drive cannot pass. Snow fall totals can vary throughout the region due to Lake-effect snow from the prevailing westerly winds off of Lake Michigan, with average yearly snow fall of 141.4" (359.2 cm) in Gaylord to 52.4" (133.1 cm) in Harrisville. Both the high and low temperature records for all of Michigan are held by communities in Northern Lower Michigan. The high is 112F (44C) set in Mio on July 13, 1936 and the low is -51F (-46C) set in Vanderbilt on February 9, 1934.

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